Custom Tape Application Machines for a Variety of Industries

Custom Automated Tape Application Machine Design
Custom Automated Tape Application Machine Design
Automated Tape Application Machine Manufacturing
Automated Tape Application Machine Manufacturing

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When a manual operation is causing production bottlenecks, the engineering team at Intec Automation, Inc. can pinpoint a unique approach to process automation that will speed production and help you gain a competitive edge by getting product to the market faster.

We built several of these automated tape application machines for a large window manufacturing company. In their plant, workers manually applied two-sided foam acrylic tape to wooden and aluminum muntin bars before assembling them onto the window glass. In close consultation with the customer, our design engineers developed a conceptual model for automating the process, which evolved into production of the equipment shown here.

This machine has many capabilities unique to Intec designs. The adhesion promoting features include a precision dispensing valve, felt button wick, and vortex tube drying system fed by shop air. In-line inspections are accomplished via UV dies and a UV detection sensor. If our "Stop and Hop" technology senses a routed gap in the muntin bar, the machine stops, disconnects the cutting, and starts again within ±.015" accuracy. Multi-layered HMI screens provide process monitoring, production counting, and self-diagnostics.

In-depth automation engineering expertise, combined with skilled project management and a world-class fabrication shop enabled us to help this client achieve both significant production gains and rapid ROI. We have also built similar equipment that has streamlined production in the automotive and other industries. We would welcome an opportunity to help improve your production through automation. Contact us today.

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Highlights Engineering and Manufacturing this Automated Tape Application Machine

Machine Description and Highlights: Several of these machines were built by Intec for a large mid-west window company and they replaced rooms full of people whom previously taped manually. Two-sided foam acrylic tape is applied onto wooden and aluminum muntin bars which are then assembled onto the glass on the windows. This machine has the following capabilities, many of which Intec is the only machine builder in the world that can offer them:
  • Inline adhesion promoting with a precision dispensing valve and a felt button wick;
  • Inline adhesion promoter drying using shop air through a vortex tube;
  • Inline adhesion promoter inspection on the fly using promoter with UV dies and a UV detection sensor;
  • Intec's famous "Stop and Hop" technology capable of sensing routed gaps in the Muntin bar - stopping - disconnect cutting - and starting again within .015" accuracy;
  • Multi-layered HMI screens providing process monitoring, production counting and self-diagnostics.
Capabilities Applied:
  • Clean Sheet Design and Build;
  • Mechanical Engineering and Machine Design;
  • Electrical and controls engineering, panel building, PC and PLC programming;
  • Program management and technical buying;
  • In-house fabrication, assembly, test and debug;
  • Factory acceptance testing, training and installation.
Industry for Use: Window, Automotive and multiple others.
Delivery/Turnaround Time: 20 Weeks
Delivery Location: Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida

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