Tape Application Machines

Tape Application Machine
Tape Application Machine
Custom Manufacturing of Tape Application Machine
Custom Manufacturing of Tape Application Machine

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For eighteen years, Intec Automation, Inc. has been designing and building automated solutions for our customers with tape application needs.

Specializing in, but not limited to, the application of two-sided foam acrylic tape, Intec designs and manufactures machines for applying tape to:

  • Thermo Plastic Automotive Body Panels
  • Muntin Bars for the Window Industry
  • A Wide Variety of Electronics and Automotive After Market Products

Our tape application machines can be designed to fit all of your specific requirements. We have built dozens of machines which have some or all of the following capabilities:

  • Stop, Hop & Start Again Capabilities For Parts That Contain Gaps or Are Multi-Nested
  • Inline Adhesion Promoting, Real Time Prior To Tape Apply. Process Includes Promoting, Promoter Presence Inspection and Promoter Drying All Real Time, Inline With Tape Apply
  • Hi Speed Lineal Taping As Fast As 50 FPM
  • Cam Followed Tape Heads For Shaped and Curved Taping

**Check out our Video Gallery page to see some Tape Application Machines that we have built in the past**