Intec Automation, Inc. has a long and proven history of designing and building first class, custom automation equipment for the medical device assembly industry, worldwide. We have a deep knowledge of this highly regulated industry, and are committed to delivering cutting-edge technologies that give our customers a competitive edge while protecting their confidentiality. Intec’s expertise in the medical field has led to many long-term partnerships with several well-known and respected companies, with a repeat customer rate of 98%. Intec understands that the medical industry is continuously growing and developing and we have been able to help our customers stay at the top of the field with cutting edge technology – both in R&D and Production.

We engineer each piece of equipment to meet your production goals in terms of quality and throughput. Our thoughtful designs are modular, versatile, and adaptable to future needs. We have the resources to offer expedited turnaround times, helping you to achieve faster time to market.

Automation Equipment for the Medical Device Assembly
Medical Device Assembly Automation Solution



Automated Systems for the Point-Of-Care Diagnostic Testing Field
  • Bulk Load and Unload of Multiwell Plates
  • Bulk Feed and Pick-And-Place PCR Tubes into Multiwell Plates
  • Dispense Fluid at Different Viscosities into PCR Tubes Within Tight Tolerances
  • Assemble and Package Test Kits with Test Strips, Desiccant Pouches, Swabs, and Tubes
  • Inspect and Confirm Assembly and Processing Steps with Vision Systems
Custom Automation Equipment for Medical Device Assembly
  • Suture Forming and Barbing Machines
  • Needle Drilling, Welding, Bending, Polishing and Plating Machines
  • Patch Lamination and Forming Machines
  • Suture Winding Machines
  • Syringe Assembly Machines
  • Catheter Assembly Machines
  • Endoscopic Device Assembly Machines
  • Medical Device Cleaning, Gluing and Assembly
  • Leak Testing Machines
  • Device Inspect & Packaging Machines
Industries Served
  • Medical / Life Sciences
  • Consumer Product