Intec Automation, Inc. offers unmatched expertise for designing and building custom, automated Tape Application solutions for a broad range of products and applications. We have a worldwide customer base, and the depth of our knowledge delivers solutions that add value to your process and optimizes your capital investment.

Tape Application Machine
Inside of a Tape Application Machine



Automated Tape Application Systems
  • Thermo Plastic Automotive Body Panels
  • Muntin Bars for the Window Industry
  • A Wide Variety of Electronics and Automotive After Market Products
  • Small Plastic Parts
  • Packaging
Process Integration Expertise
  • Stop, Hop & Start Again Capabilities For Parts That Contain Gaps or Are Multi-Nested
  • Inline Adhesion Promoting, Real-Time Prior To Tape Apply. Process Includes Promoting, Promoter Presence Inspection, and Promoter Drying All Real Time, In-line With Tape Apply
  • Hi Speed Lineal Taping As Fast As 100 FPM
  • Programmable, Multi-Axis Tape Heads For Shaped and Curved Taping
  • Bulk Loading of Small Parts Using Feeder Bowls and Elevators
  • Inspecting using Vision and Sensors
Industries Served
  • Medical / Life Sciences
  • Automotive
  • Door & Window
  • Consumer Products
  • Defense
  • Packaging
  • Security