Intec has expertise in automatically assembling, inspecting, and bending #cystotome needles.

Manual assembly/bending of Cystotomes is very common in low-med. volume production, however this comes with many challenges as the process requires a highly skilled operator to place individual needles under magnification, properly orientate the tip position and angle, and manually bend the needle blank to the specific angle or radius. This is a time-consuming and tedious process, which in the end produces an inconsistent finished product with a high production cost. Additionally, the pre-sharpened cystotome needles pose a real safety hazard to the operators and present a liability challenge for many companies.

Intec has developed precision servo and vision-guided solutions to guarantee consistent high-quality needles with increased throughput. We have extensive experience feeding sheathed and non-sheathed needles, removing and replacing protective sheaths, orientating pre-sharpened needles with industrial vision systems, bending needle tips, bending angles and radii, re-sheathing bent needles, and out-feeding finished product.

Contact us today. We can help your company improve both the throughput and quality of your needle manufacturing process.

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