This system assembles a unique and high-demand product for a customer in the Packaging industry. For decades, the product was assembled by hand. Due to increased sales demand exceeding production capacity, Intec was asked to design and build a system that would automate the assembly process. This system increased capacity to satisfy current and future demand, and also reduced labor costs, improved quality, and provided throughput and scheduling stability.

This assembly machine is quickly becoming a standard product line at Intec as it becomes more and more beneficial for manufacturers to automate their assembly process.

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Automated Assembly Machine
Automated Assembly Machine



Machine Description and Highlights
  • Tray Feeding from Elevators on Rotary Tables.
  • (2) Vibratory Bowls to Feed Different Product Components.
  • Conveyors.
  • Intec’s Famous “Linear Transfer” Motion Platform.
  • Multiple Vision Inspection Points.
  • Various Pick and Place Elements.
  • Tape Application.
  • Label Dispensing and Application.
  • Wire Feeding, Cutting, Forming, and Pin Insertion.
  • CA Glue Dispensing
  • Out Feeding Finished Product into Customer’s Thermo-Formed Trays on Elevators.
Capabilities Applied
  • Clean Sheet Design and Build.
  • Mechanical Engineering and Machine Design.
  • Electrical and Controls Engineering, Panel Building, and PLC Programming.
  • Program Management and Technical Buying.
  • In-House Fabrication, Assembly, Test and Debug.
  • Factory Acceptance Testing, Training, and Installation Assistance.
Industry for Use