Corey Marcotte - Owner and President

Corey Marcotte is the President and owner of Intec Automation, a custom  automation company with over 20 years of successful business in the beautiful seacoast region of New Hampshire. Corey joined the team in 2015, after gaining 15 years of relevant experience in the New England manufacturing sector. Corey has always had a passion for all things mechanical and problem-solving, stemming from his childhood in the lakes region of New Hampshire and being involved at an early age in small engine repair and automotive work. After serving his country as an Airborne Infantryman in the US Army, Corey attended the University System of New Hampshire and graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UNH. Corey has held many positions throughout his career prior to joining the Intec team, including a Pneumatic Applications Engineer, Mechanical Design Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Plant Manager, and North America Operations Manager of 12 manufacturing facilities, all of which have molded him to have an excellent understanding of what manufacturing customers need. Corey has a real passion for world-class. Having been on both sides of the manufacturing business, his ultimate goal is to deliver a positive ROI “Return on Investment” to the customer and to build long-lasting partnerships with the customers. When Corey is not working at Intec, you can find him spending quality time with his wife, Allison, and their daughter, Isabella. Corey also enjoys any activity that gets him outdoors. He is especially passionate about physical fitness, riding dirt bikes, and fishing. Formal Education AS Mechanical Engineering, NHTI, Concord N.H., BS Mechanical Engineering, UNH, Durham, N.H., MBA, Minor in Investment and Finance, Plymouth, NH Connect with Corey on LinkedIn

Brian Crossan - Intec Automation’s Founder

Intec Automation’s, Founder, is Brian Crossan. Brian has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and engineering. He was formally educated with a BSIT from USM. Prior to starting Intec, Brian held several responsible positions in competitive manufacturing and engineering environments in the Aerospace, Automotive, and High-Tech industries. Brian has had a unique opportunity to become involved with all aspects of the business. His previous career path spanned from machinist to engineering and operations management, and everything in between. He continued to move up through the ranks through his 20’s and 30’s and successfully held positions such as Toolmaker, Technician, Quality Engineer, Process Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Machine Designer, Project Engineer, Program Manager, Engineering Manager, and Plant Manager. In his mid to late 30’s, Brian was responsible for dozens of multi-million dollar tooling and automation programs. Prior to starting Intec, Brian had the opportunity to be the customer, hunting for good suppliers, and building relationships based on honor and trust. He met several top shelf engineers and fabricators, many of whom are now in business with Intec. Previously having been the customer enabled Brian to build a company knowing how to be a great supplier. Previously having successfully led large teams from various disciplines enabled Brian to be a great leader and team builder, and having been involved with many different types of companies in the supply chain enabled Brian to establish the criteria required to create and run a great company. Brian created Intec from a dream and belief in an industry that is starving for real custom manufacturing solutions. In 1998, with a purchase order in hand, in a 1500 square foot bay, he began building a company with passion and enthusiasm. Today, over twenty years later, Intec is outgrowing a 20,000 square foot design and manufacturing facility and is a solid, world class, multi-million dollar company with no end in sight. In his free time, Brian continues to build and develop people and other businesses through various Real Estate and Development projects in NH and Belize. He likes to spend quality time relaxing with family and friends and his dogs. He loves building, boating, and fishing, and has recently taken an interest in Horses. Connect with Brian on LinkedIn