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Inline Assembly Machine for Security Tokens


We specialize in engineering and building innovative custom automation systems that enable you to meet your production objectives.

Capable of engineering high-tech solutions that combine complex mechanical elements with sophisticated in-line programming processes, we built twenty of these assembly and finishing machines for use in the production of electronic security tokens.

Security Token
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About the Inline Assembly Machine for Security Tokens

These self-contained systems perform a variety of assembly and finishing operations, including programming, capping, laser engraving, and barcode labeling, and include a number of inspection points at critical intervals in the process. Various elevator and robotic pick-and-place elements feed the components, while our proprietary Linear Transfer Plate motion platform delivers smooth, high speed product movement throughout the process. A PC controls the high level functions and handshakes with a PLC to perform the mechanical elements.


In addition to engineering the design and control systems, we built and wired the electrical cabinets and fabricated the machine components in-house. Having direct oversight of the project enabled us to complete it in just 20 weeks. Successful factory acceptance testing, installation, and training took place in two locations, one domestic and one overseas.

Security Token Design
Machine Description and Highlights
  • Uses Intec’s famous “Linear Transfer” motion platform
  • Uses a variety of feeding elements like elevators and robotic pick and place
  • Performs a variety of assembly and finishing operations like programming, capping, laser engraving, barcode labeling and a number of inspections
  • PC controls the higher level functions and handshakes with a PLC to perform the mechanical elements
Capabilities Applied
  • Clean Sheet Design and Build
  • Mechanical Engineering and Machine Design
  • Electrical and controls engineering, panel building, PC and PLC programming
  • Program management and technical buying
  • In-house fabrication, assembly, test and debug
  • Factory acceptance testing, training and installation assistance
Delivery/Turnaround Time

20 weeks

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