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Greg Clark

Greg is the CFO at Intec Automation. He is the “go to guy” when it comes to running the business! Greg has the opportunity to view the company from 360°. He has his hands in everything from strategic planning to accounting, human resources, procurement of materials and IT support. Greg says the best part of his job is “the interactions with co-workers across all functional areas of the business.” His co-workers agree that Greg has made significant contributions teaching team members how to plan for the future and measure progress towards achieving goals. He also relishes the opportunity to find partners that provide assistance in supporting the company's needs and growth. He enjoys meeting today’s challenges and turning them into opportunities to better drive the company forward. Greg is always ready for the next adventure whether that be personally or professionally! When he is not at work you can find him hiking the White Mountains; where he is a hike leader. He also enjoys walks along the beach, traveling, reading and baking. He is known to make a mean apple pie! Greg is married to his wife Robin and is a proud grandfather who actively participates in spoiling his granddaughter Elliemay.

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