Automation can save countless dollars in manufacturing costs as well as improve overall quality and efficiency of your process, therefore increasing throughput for your company.  Automating your process also provides a safer workplace for employees.  Below, we highlight what factors to consider when choosing the right Automation System for your production requirements, and what to look for when selecting your Automation Partner.

Selecting the Right Automation System

There are many factors to consider when selecting your automation system.  A reputable system integration company will help you assess each of the following factors and will design a system that meets and exceeds your specifications.  Key factors include: 

  • Return on Investment (ROI):  Your system should provide you with greater value than its initial investment cost over the course of its life.  Ideally, you should achieve ROI within a year or two (max).
  • Cycle Time:  The system should have a cycle time (parts / [time]) that meets your desired productivity level.
  • Product Quality and Throughput:  Your system should allow you to achieve the product quality and throughput required to meet your operational and/or production goals.  Quality measurement devices and vision inspection systems can help improve output quality.
  • Labor/Resource Restrictions:  Automation saves companies money by minimizing human labor and by increasing consistency and quality. 
  • Industry standards:  Your system should meet any standards that are relevant to your industry and application (e.g., ISO, OSHA, NEMA).
  • Environmental Factors:  Your system should be designed and built to be able to withstand all operating conditions within your facility, including extreme temperatures, moisture, and corrosive chemicals.
  • Employee Safety:  Your system should be designed to maximize employee safety and proper operator ergonomics, resulting in a reduction of employee work-related injuries and therefore increasing overall profitability.

Selecting Your Automation Partner 

Your system integration partner should have experience providing successful solutions for industries and applications that are the same or similar to your own; their track record should demonstrate that they can handle the type of work you need.  They should also be familiar with the nuances of your industry/application (e.g. best practices and relevant regulations) and be capable of meeting those requirements and restrictions (i.e. have the employees and equipment needed).  Additionally, they should be committed to staying up to date on the latest technology so that they can remain competitive and resilient when faced with ever-changing industry conditions and customer demands.  It is critical to have a good partnership and to share process knowledge to ensure a successful project.

Partnering With Intec 

Intec is your ideal automation partner.  We have over two decades of experience in designing, manufacturing, and integrating custom automation systems for a broad range of industries and applications.   

We are a vertically integrated automation solutions provider with internal sales, project management, mechanical and electrical design, machining, assembly, wiring, programming, testing & debugging, installation, field service, and support.  This comprehensive service approach ensures our customers receive a solution that fully meets their needs. 

We offer expertise across a multitude of platforms and maintain close relationships with our customers, vendors, and our partners, guaranteeing the best solution for your application.  

Our capabilities include assembly systems, fill and dispense systems, medical device and kitting systems, needle crimping & bending systems, tape application systems, web handling systems, custom presses, vision inspection systems, and more. 

Our clients include many tier one companies across a variety of industries, including but not limited to medical, life sciences, aerospace, consumer products, automotive, defense, security, and packaging.  For over 20 years, Intec has been working with some of the world’s largest companies, and as a result of our robust and reliable designs, attention to detail, and our gold standard customer service approach, we maintain a customer retention rate greater than 90%.  

Armed with extensive industry experience, highly skilled employees, and our partnerships with reputable equipment manufacturers, Intec is well-equipped to integrate automation systems into your facility.

To learn more about Intec Automation or to discuss your manufacturing needs with one of our experts, visit our website at, contact us by email at, or phone at (603) 332-7733.

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